First AusAPT Meeting 2020 on JUNG all welcome

Thursday 13th Feb 6.30pm for 7pm start

PETER GEYER lecture followed by discussion

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Brian and I are presenting on Day 1 of the conference, Friday 22 Nov in the afternoon.

LOVE: Family of ORIGIN and Partner Attraction

A practical workshop for yourself or clients you may work with

Activity and discussion based. Creating your Type Family of Origin Tree (who you grew up with and their likely Type – we’ll help if you don’t know), your lived experience in relation to your Type, and how that may impact on adult LOVE attractions.

In our session for Australian Association for Psychological Type Inc Melbourne Conference 22-23 November, we look at family of origin TYPES (the family you grew up with), and the nature of your relationship with each member (intimacy style) - did you go with, go against, or withdraw from? Who were you close to, distant from, neutral with?

How might these themes relate to that unconscious instant attraction we feel towards potential partners? PRIVATELY participants will draw family trees, have a guesstimate of family members (for those of us who haven't already typed them!) and explore the relationship dynamics. SOME participants might like to volunteer to show the room physically, as we can use sociometry (make a tableau).

There are many factors underlying our attractions; TYPE, physical characteristics, values, and interaction style are just SOME ways of considering who we are drawn to. It can be a helpful technique if you work with clients who are unaware of their patterns and may appreciate a visual & kinesthetic understanding..

Brian (INFJ)  grew up in an ISTJ family and felt different 'like Van Gogh's sole white iris in a field of blue', and Meredith (INFP) was close with her single parent INTP mother, but not in contact with extended family.

There is research that suggests we're drawn to someone who is like one of our parents, or the opposite. This may be physical looks, or personality, or values, or character. Consider Mick Jagger & Bianca (a new theory that some egocentrically pick a partner who looks like them fits with the parent similarity).

For example, you might be attracted to: someone type opposite to your family, but with similar hair & eye colouring, or to someone with similar values, qualities, and personality to a parent, with dissimilar colouring and intimacy style.

You may be opposite TYPES, similar, or share 2 or 3 preferences.

There has been some research on temperament styles that work well; why opposite types may need to work harder but reap benefits; and so forth. Let's reflect on your attractions in relation to your Family of Origin and intimacy style of against | with | away from.

Brian will also raise some themes from his documentary MEN&LOVE.

Pre & Post Workshops places are still available.

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DATE: Wed 20th Nov.
TIME: Full day
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