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Next VIC AusAPT activity is Saturday 27th NOVEMBER 2pm for 2 hours  at epicentre:

IAN BALL facilitating DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY 'Beebe'

The workshop draws on Mark Hunziker’s book Depth Typology. We will look at the way the eight archetypes affect how the eight function-attitudes are expressed within an individual psyche. We will do some exercises about the sixteen types that illustrate why we sometimes feel drawn to or have potential conflict issues with people of differing type preferences. We will explore the ideas about the significance of one’s shadow type and one’s opposite type.

VIC AUsAPT end-of-year-breakup

Thursday 9th December 6.30pm for 7pm

nextbestlast guest speakers Cahterine Condell & Tom Manning discuss on-line dating in relation to Type

MARK SUMNER is conducting a workshop on the Enneagram and Jung in 2022 TBA

Time: 1.45pm for 2pm - 4.30pm

please register your interest or book in with me


12- 14 November online

I am delighted to be presenting with Mark Toner & Gunilla Burrows, Gender Matters

Transgender: Type & Career Development


Screening our films with audience Q&A

Artwork by Lewis Burton
Artwork by Lewis Burton
Artwork by Lewis Burton
Artwork by Lewis Burton

AusAPT Meetings 2021: Victoria at epicentre

AusAPT members

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ST KILDA WEEK was held 14 to 28 Feb 2021


Brian and I presented on Day 1 of the conference on Friday 22 Nov 2019

LOVE: Family of ORIGIN and Partner Attraction

A practical workshop for yourself or clients you may work with

Psychologist | Author

#Metoo & Mean Girls | Dealing With Workplace Harassment

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