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AusAPT hold regular salons, discussion groups, workshops and activities for VIC Australian Association of Psychological Type at 'epicentre'

The events are also open to colleagues & friends to attend

Our Victorian AusAPT activities at epicentre are on AusAPT website, facebook, LinkedIn and here

Yearly Conference in person plus Zoom mini conferences

AusAPT Meredith Presentation

AusAPT international conference was held September 1 & 2 in Brisbane. In 2024 we'll be in Sydney

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Saturday 25 November

1.45pm  to 4.00pm

Assoc Prof Ian Ball, Psychologist & AusAPT Lifemember on his research on MUSIC TASTES according to TYPE, with live hip hop artist Potent24, Jacob Pugh, and other live genres. Book with Meredith a week before

VIC AusAPT Annual Breakup epicentre DOWNSTAIRS

Thursday evening 7th December with mystery activity

Thursday 6.30pm for 7 - 9pm ish

entry: bring a plate or bottle to share

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 e-book 'Understanding Family Violence' by Meredith Fuller

regularly adding additional material including short video interviews, so please click on the eBook to see what is new


Author Meredith Fuller OAM
Author Meredith Fuller OAM

'Home Truths' film
by Mystical Dog Productions
and e-book by Meredith Fuller on Family Violence film on Family Violence with pamphlet: Lesley Coleman & Rod Winning Co-Producers and Meredith Fuller associate producer, and e-book by Meredith Fuller
Rod converting text
Rod Winning tech whizz
Lesley Coleman Mystical Dog Productions co-prod, dir, scriptwriter Home Truths
Lesley Coleman Mystical Dog Productions co-prod, dir, scriptwriter Home Truths

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Our Yearly End-of-year AusAPT Break up Evening usually on the 2nd Thursday in December
6.30pm drinks nibbles  |   7 - 9 2023 Mystery Activity

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A TYPE Artist Talks:  Exploring liminality and Ambiguity through art practice


Events held 2023 include

Saturday 13 MAY
Peter MALONE on Australian Films & characters; what TYPE? Why is ESt/fP so popular


Participants at AUSTRALIAN FILMS with Peter Malone

participants at Australian FILMS with Peter Malone

Peter Malone film reviewer
Peter Malone film reviewer
at Ausralian Films
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Thurs 13 APRIL
'Personality Inventories; how to select' with Adam Le Good & Rod Winning
Practical, useful, fun evening with 2 top trainers. Includes video clips. Adam & Rod's videos will be available for purchase shortly.
For more information go to or connect with him on LinkedIn: or Rod Winning.
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Thurs 9th MARCH

Autism plus Improv workshop
Russell Fletcher

Russell Fletcher

If you couldn't attend and would like the notes, let Meredith know
If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autim.
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental condition and one of its key features is described as persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts. The symptoms cause clinically significant impairments in social, occupational and other areas of functioning (DSM-5, APA, 2013 pp. 50-51).
• There are approximately 30,000 young adults with ASD in Australia.
• Only 28% of this group complete tertiary courses post school.
• 50% of this group are unemployed.
• Less than half of this cohort has friends.
• 50 -70% of this group suffer from anxiety and depression.
• This group of Australians spend on average 9 hours a day engaged in solitary technology-based activities.
Currently, there are no social skills coaching programs for young adults with ASD in Australia. Neary, P., Gilmore, L., and Ashburner, J. 2015. “Post-school needs of young people with high- functioning autism spectrum disorder.” Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 18:1- 11.

ST KILDA WEEK was held 14 to 28 Feb 2021

Screening our films with audience Q&A

Watch the film on YouTube here

Download the INFORMATION SHEET to accompany the film here

See the St Kilda Writer's Week website for full information

Artwork by Lewis Burton
Artwork by Lewis Burton
Artwork by Lewis Burton
Artwork by Lewis Burton

View the recording of Australian Harvard Women: Keeping the Momentum : Recent past, where we are now and towards a sustainable future (Duration: 56min, opens in a seperate window).

Meredith & Lesley on International Women's Day

Psychologist | Author

#Metoo & Mean Girls | Dealing With Workplace Harassment

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