Creative Projects with theatre, film, and group events

We write, direct, produce and perform plays, make documentaries and create experiences at our venue epicentre.

Our core team includes Meredith (writer, director, producer), Brian Walsh (filming/director, producer), Kate Watson (stage management and wardrobe) and Amanda Reeves (FOH, graphics, admin). We also have acting and singing ensembles.

427 Glen Eira Rd, Caulfield North

Venue epicentre is a small, intimate theatre seating up to 40 patrons, for theatre, performance, salons, soirees, workshops and film screenings

Meredith Fuller, a professional child & adolescent actor in the 1960’s & 70’s, has been privileged to work with actors including Norman Kaye, Anne Charleston, Patsy King, Joseph James, and Paul Karo; and for Directors including Irene Mitchell, Harold Lang, Jo Wallis, Helen Franklyn and Cy Holden.  On TV for Crawford productions, she also worked for photographers including Athol Shmith and John Cato.

Meredith trained at the National Theatre, and won a scholarship. She worked professionally at St Martins and in television. She didn’t take up her teaching scholarship for Rusden; preferring to become a psychologist. While she spent a number of years in amateur theatre until her 20’s, she has spent the last 30 as a psychological media commentator | writer | panellist being herself for TV & radio in Australia (and the USA via Skype).

Her knack for predicting and influencing the trajectory of successful creative artists has seen her private practice as a vocational psychologist not only encourage talented creatives, but also assist them to develop additional career paths as later choice or circumstance may require.

Meredith has had extensive training in Psychodrama with George Calley, and body work with Stanislov Grof, amongst others.

Meredith spent several years studying professional writing with talented teachers including Ray Mooney.  Beng Oh directed her play “Stalk, Stalking, Stalked” at Dancehouse in 2002, and her plays were read for audience at Gasworks. Meredith has co-directed several short films for Kailash Studios, amongst others. With Fred K Levit, in 2015 Meredith also co-hosted a weekly Channel 31 TV show ‘FullerLevity Classic Movies’, and in 2014 co-hosted a weekly radio program.

Meredith was Writer in Residence for BURNING HOUSE (Robert Mark Johnson, Artistic Director) in 2018.

‘Meredith’s the epitome of professionalism: talented, generous, motivating, humorous, a delight to work with.’

RAY MOONEY,  Playwright, Novelist, Lecturer, Director

Meredith Fuller & Brian Walsh, & GLAMM, FILM & THEATRE Directors


Our Actors, Directors, Producers, Authors, Screen & Playwrights, Documentary makers, Psychologists, and Crew are committed to creating and enabling opportunities for emergent younger actors - and older actors who have come to acting as a later vocation, as well as obtaining practitioner wisdom and support from wise elder colleagues.

We’re passionate about psychological writing and directing interesting roles for older women and quasi retired actors. Similarly, for younger and older crew members; we aim to support and encourage newcomers.

Working on profit-share, we have an ensemble philosophy and volunteer our services for love of film, theatre and creative endeavours.

Please connect; we love creative collaborations

Conjugated Stalking

by Meredith Fuller

Sweet Phoebe

by Michael Gow

International Stud

by Harvey Fierstein

The Wisdom
of Eve

by Mary Orr

2019 Theatre Production
Sweet Phoebe poster
International Stud poster
The Wisdom of Eve program cover

2018 ‘Conjugated Stalking’
at epicentre upstairs

written & directed by Meredith Fuller

Featuring Deborah Vanderwerp, Linda Cookson, Chris Broadstock, Hannah Bolt


2017  ‘Sweet Phoebe’ by Michael Gow at epicentre upstairs

Directed by Meredith Fuller

Featuring Linda Cookson and Anthony Bradshaw

2016 ‘International Stud’ by Harvey Firestein at the Butterfly Club

Directed by Meredith Fuller

Featuring Jacob Anotoli and Adam Hetherington

with Caitlin Berwick as the chanteuse

2015 ‘The Wisdom of Eve’ by Mary Orr at Theatre Works

Directed by Meredith Fuller

cast of The Wisdom of Eve

& All About Eve

‘The Wisdom of Eve’

photography Denise Nelson

fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night!

EVE:  Lauren Murtagh;
KAREN:  Natasha Broadstock;
MARGO:  Ana Della Rocca;
LLOYD:  Peter Hatherley;
CLEMENT:  Gary Wall;
HARVEY:  Jacob Antolini;
BERT HINKLE:  Damian Oehme;
LEILA:  Lindy Yeates;
VERA FRANKLIN: Davida Graham