The benefits of Soirees

I am blessed to have a musical extended family; my cousins play instruments, sing, and song write. The HUGHSONS and the PUGHS have a vast repertoire, and entertain at many events. Twice a year we host an event at epicentre where family and friends entertain. Our last Soiree for 2019 was on 1st December. Due to the success of our soirees, they are by invitation only. Please let me know if you are interested and then I can put you on my list for 2020.

We are privileged to have two new additions; Marie Therese Bryne, opera singer/actor, and Dr Kay Stevens, concert pianist.

An afternoon of live song and music is a fabulous way to meet new friends, relax, have pleasure, and feel rejuvenated and inspired.

our soirees run for 2 hours, usually from 2pm to 4pm