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OAM  B.A. Grad. Dip. Voc. Couns. M. Soc. Sci. | Member Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) Counselling Board of APS |
Life Member Aust Assoc Psychological Type (AusAPT)

 Counselling, Vocational Psychotherapy, Career & life transitions, Mentoring 


  • Counselling
  • Vocational Psychotherapy & Career Development
  • Career & life transitions
  • Career Mentoring, Coaching & Support for professionals
  • Life & Relationships Review
  • Writing (commissioned articles for print media, companies, quizzes, scripts)
Meredith Fuller and Brian Walsh
Meredith Fuller and Brian Walsh


Significant experience over 40 years with individuals & groups, professionals in positions of leadership, mental health & welfare practitioners, lawyers, corporate executives, and academics as well as creatives, specialists, consultants, media practitioners, and inventors.

Information about my range of services for prospective clients

How many times do people come?    

People’s needs are different, but generally you are likely to come for several sessions, and occasionally for top ups or help if you get stuck or lost along the way. On the other hand, some people may simply need to come for a one-off session.

For counselling, you might come regularly while dealing with particular issues, and then perhaps intermittently.  You may come monthly or several times a year for ongoing mentoring & professional supervision; whatever you require.  

Why come to me?

You may feel lost, are struggling with a specific issue connected to life-career, relationships or intrapsychic pain ; or you may wish to bring more peace or balance to your life. You are probably seeking a more meaningful, satisfying and organic life. You may want some insight or support.

Personal, relationship, life career, or life transition issues may be connected. Perhaps you only need one session to talk about your ideas with me.

When making a significant change, it can be helpful to return as required for support, practical assistance, help with goals, contacts or ideas, emotional transition, and mentoring.

You might need help to stay focused towards your goals, retain energy and purpose, or to deal with emergent issues.

I orchestrate an exploration of psychological, symbolic, strategic, and practical aspects.  I select appropriate ways forward to suit individual clients; these may draw upon a range of approaches, techniques, theories, transgenerational exploration & genogramic history, social/labour market projections, and life story & photographic analysis.

Some clients come for support in recognising, managing, and expressing emotions in their personal and professional lives, particularly during transition times.

While appreciating there are universal life themes & patterns, I conceptualise our personal and vocational behaviour as an idiosyncratic life journey with meaning & purpose to be illuminated and integrated into daily living for self and others. Strict ethics & confidentiality is assured.

In addition to conducting our private practices, my partner Brian and I have a strong commitment to sharing practitioner wisdom and train other professionals at academic post-graduate level, workshops, peer intensives, and in providing practitioner supervision. Committed to our own rigorous training & ongoing personal development, we attend our own regular supervision and therapy.

Preparation for counselling

You may wish to come to counselling to unravel the mystery behind who you truly are; to examine and explore your life; to become more fully present in the world; reclaim a true sense of self and be open to a fuller range of emotions and feelings.

You may wish to seek assistance with understanding the nature of your relationships with others, or personal & professional issues that are troubling, confusing or distressing. You may be feeling stuck, lost, numb, or stranded in your current circumstance and who you are becoming during transitions.

I believe in the importance of our intrapsychic lives and I am curious about how emotional experience is reflected in our mind & body as well as in the nature of our relationships and engagement with the world. If our well-being is threatened, we may dampen our capacity to live satisfying lives. My orientation acknowledges the tapestry of childhood / family / societal influences, personal evolution, and work-life experiences. Our inner lives construct a dance with external realities; such as world of work requirements, social systems, how we bump up against random opportunities, propinquity, association with significant others, pertinent events, and our competencies/values/interests and needs.


You may be seeking a clearer sense of your purpose, potential directions and ways to move in conjunction with activating your true self and what kind of environments (people, places, and spaces) best suit.

You may be struggling with personality issues in the workplace or family, underutilization or lack of stretch, or impending job or lifestyle restructure.

I invite you to bring anything that might be helpful – for example:

your resume or bio;

some dot points on what has led you to seek counselling;

what is happening at present and how that impacts upon you; how you may be stuck, unclear or lost, any possibilities or career alternatives you have considered, and your objectives or desired outcomes from our work together.

Any examples of your work, art, achievements, projects, dreams, journal entries, accomplishments, reviews,

Professional supervision

  • Supervisor of psychologists, professionals & managers in human services, private practitioners and consultants
  • Mentoring



Working with Human Current colleagues for specialist workshops, seminars and projects

Our consulting team brings a panoply of talented consultant associates to your work group.

We can accompany you by consulting to your work group or team, offering workshops, training, careers counselling, counselling, relationship counselling, mentoring, learning, support. We bring a relevant team together, or cross-refer.

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