My Psychology Practice

OAM  B.A. Grad. Dip. Voc. Couns. M. Soc. Sci. | Fellow Australian Psychological Society (FAPS) Counselling Board of APS |
Life Member Aust Assoc Psychological Type (AusAPT)

A few client spaces as I only work p/t time as psychologist. I mainly write and work on creative projects including making documentaries.


  • Counselling
  • Career & life transitions
  • Mentoring & Support for professionals
  • Life & Relationships Review
  • Writing (commissioned articles for print media, companies, quizzes, scripts)
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Significant experience over 40 years with individuals & groups, professionals in positions of leadership, mental health & welfare practitioners, lawyers, corporate executives, and academics as well as creatives, specialists, consultants, media practitioners, and inventors.

Information about my range of services for prospective clients

Why come to me?

While appreciating there are universal life themes & patterns, I conceptualise our personal and vocational behaviour as an idiosyncratic life journey with meaning & purpose to be illuminated and integrated into daily living for self and others. Strict ethics & confidentiality is assured.

In addition to conducting our private practices, my partner Brian and I have a strong commitment to sharing practitioner wisdom and have trained other professionals at academic post-graduate level, workshops, peer intensives, and in providing practitioner supervision. Committed to our own rigorous training & ongoing personal development, we attend our own supervision and therapy.



You may be seeking a clearer sense of your purpose, potential directions transitioning to non-paid, and ways to move in conjunction with activating your true self, managing life-age changes, and what kind of environments (people, places, and spaces) best suit.


Professional supervision

  • Supervisor of psychologists, professionals & managers in human services, private practitioners and consultants
  • Mentoring



Working with Human Current colleagues for specialist workshops, seminars, projects, or creative endeavours

Our consulting team has a panoply of talented consultant associates.

We can accompany you by consulting to your group or team, offering workshops, training, careers counselling, counselling, relationship counselling, mentoring, learning, support. We bring a relevant team together, or cross-refer.

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