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Warning against watching too much true crime


Article The Damage of Onlyfans


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As a psychological spokesperson, I speak with journalists, radio hosts, and social media sites on a wide range of topics. I have also been an Australian Psychological Society (APS) media spokesperson for over 30 years and appear on TV, documentaries and radio. An extensive range of articles, vimeos and podcasts are easily located in a Google search under Meredith Fuller Psychologist.

Recent PODCAST Meredith Fuller & James WF Roberts on his radio show talks about family violence, and what's going in society

Being late isn’t just rude, it could also be bad for your health

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Whether it's intentional or not, being tardy all the time can increase stress and strain your relationships with others. But there are things you can do to get better at time management. Clinical Psychologist Meredith Fuller says that there are two types of people – those who are organised, “with their life running like clockwork” and the disorganised – “those who live a more chaotic existence.”

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Getting emotional consent before sharing your problems

By Kellie Scott

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"Because of the pandemic and our restriction of face-to-face contact, we're losing a lot of clues and cues when communicating," says psychologist Meredith Fuller.

"We don't get that feedback where they look stressed or frazzled or upset — so it doesn't even occur to us to stop for a minute and ask: is this a decent time?"

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PodCast WomenWhoStandUp - Career tips

Anthea Green November 2019

I was delighted to speak with Anthea Green on career advice for the following topics:

confidence, leading from behind, the hard discussions like asking for a pay rise, networking, what to look for in mentors, and lifebalance. Relevant for all types of organisations and workplaces.
GO TO PART TWO FOR THE CHAT ABOUT Actors | Theatre & Film | constructive feedback and criticism, and examples of career development in relation to THEATRE, and how to foster the coming generation.

The upsides for women when looks inevitably change

Excerpt from article: Melbourne psychologist and author Meredith Fuller, who regularly works with women in their 40s and 50s who are struggling to deal with their diminishing youthfulness, agrees.

"I get them to start thinking about all their other attributes or unused parts of themselves that perhaps they've been neglecting," Meredith says.

She also works with clients to help rebuild their confidence by getting them to focus on their health and fitness, and even on developing their own personal sense of style, to help them appreciate their own "inner and outer beauty".

"There's nothing more beautiful than seeing someone who is full of vitality, no matter what their age. And that's what I try to encourage my clients to strive for. To find that meaning that will give them that vitality," she says.

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"Tete a tete" with Lesley Coleman

April 2019 - running time approx. 38min

Tete-A-Tete, is an interview webseries about various aspects of the entertainment industry.

Envy among friends

On ABC Radio National 'Life Matters' Presented by Hilary Harper and Michael Mackenzie

Your friends tell you some good news and while you're happy for them, you feel this burning twinge of envy.

Is this healthy? What can you do about it?

Psychologist Meredith Fuller talks to Life Matters about how to deal with feelings of envy and keep them from ruining your friendship.

Duration: 14min  Broadcast: Mon 19 Feb 2018, 9:23am

Marketplace with Barbara Bogaev

'Oh no she didn't! Advice on 'Working with Bitches' interview

Dominance displays, posturing, submissive behaviour — sound like anything you’ve seen at the office? Psychologist Meredith Fuller specialises in a certain subset of these behaviours — usually exhibited by women — behaviours we all know rather well. Cattiness. Dismissive, snide remarks. Cliques and talking behind people’s backs. Most of us associate this kind of stuff with high school, but it doesn’t end there.  It can make your life miserable at work. Fuller’s written a book about this with the eye-catching title of 'Working with Bitches'.

Duration: 6min 40sec

The Exchange with Rob and Christie Buckingham

Conflict Resolution | Fred Stern & Meredith Fuller

Conflict is something that we all face throughout our lives. There are many ways in which people react to and handle this conflict. What we sometimes fail to achieve is resolution to this conflict. Hosts Rob and Christie Buckingham are joined this week by psychologist and author Meredith Fuller and Senior Consultant at Conflict Solvers Fred Stern to discuss Conflict Resolution.

Duration: 24min 23 Sec  Published on Oct 6, 2015

FullerLevity - Classic & Australian Films

From mid to end 2015 ‘FullerLevity Classic & Australian Films’ was shown weekly Sundays 10.30pm digital 44 TV

Meredith Fuller & Fred Levit discussed classic films and interviewed guests on “FullerLevity”.  Old films were discussed in relation to new, and psychological themes were explored as well as directors, cinematography, actors, music, and obscure information.  At Meredith Fuller & Brian Walsh PL Psychologists/Psychotherapists Brian Walsh & Meredith Fuller integrate film, theatre, literature and art with their work. Film Noire a favourite.

A dedicated page with highlights and links to favourite segments is available here.

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