Gender Matters: Diversity and Inclusion

An Interview with the ‘infamous’ Meredith Fuller by Dr Michelle Sharp 2022

Victorian Bar’s Health & Wellbeing Committee

Gender Matters

Working with Gender Matters (Mark Toner and Gunilla Burrows) we offer training and development for equity with LGBTQ+ Inclusion enables the benefits of diversity. We need to be connected, respected, contributing, and progressing. Language and behaviour is paramount. Organisations need to decide how to work with gender issues and implement a practical model of inclusion for equity. Mark and I assist organisations to develop protocols to standardise language and behaviours.

Our vision is to see – gender equity (equal rights and opportunities) for all and a greater self-awareness and valuing differences in others. We explore how to become inclusive leaders, training in mitigating bias (conscious and unconscious), training in personality type, and occupational health and safety. I have extensive professional and personal experience in this area, particularly with transgender. We have made some short films, and designed workshops for organisations. It’s time to educate our society about the range of complex issues that may be difficult to appreciate without reflection, conversation, and respectful practice. Happy to talk about this further.

Workshops on Inclusion & Equity