FullerLevity - Classic & Australian Films 2015 on digital TV 44

From mid to end 2015 ‘FullerLevity Classic & Australian Films’ was shown weekly Sundays 10.30pm digital 44 TV

Meredith Fuller & Fred Levit discussed classic films and interviewed guests on “FullerLevity”  Old films were discussed in relation to new, and psychological themes were explored as well as directors, cinematography, actors, music, and obscure information.  At Meredith Fuller & Brian Walsh PL Psychologists/Psychotherapists Brian Walsh & Meredith Fuller integrate film, theatre, literature and art with their work. Film Noire a favourite.

Two episodes with auteurs NADIA TASS & DAVID PARKER received terrific feedback from actors and the public. Another episode interviewed some of the cast from our play ‘The Wisdom of Eve’, and we had an episode on my favourite film, Bertolucci’s ‘Sheltering Sky’. Episodes  available on YouTube. Films of the plays that Meredith directed were made by Brian Walsh KAILASH STUDIOS.

Some of my favourite episodes:

  • Agatha Christie
  • Careful He Might Hear You
  • James Bond
  • Suzanne Heywood - Melbourne actor, dialect coach, director, producer
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Nadia Tass and David Parker - directors, producers
  • Soda Rock Diner Birthday / Elvis Presley Special