For people wondering about family violence

By Meredith Fuller A multi-award winning film by Mystical Dog (co-prod Lesley Coleman & Rod Winning and assoc prod Meredith Fuller plus ebook author) helps us understand the complexity of what ails our society, some of the elements that family violence and murder, and – most importantly – how we can begin to go about active listening, and meaningful dialogue about this grave topic in order to implement preventative, educational, and remedial action. Stats are frightening and the horror of family violence requires urgent action now.

Thankfully, we are now far more aware of resources such as HelpLines, Beyond Blue, Australian Psychological Society, specific family violence agencies, including Family Life in Victoria, Medical and many bodies, people, and places to contact. 

Watching with accompanying e-books (short for film plus a longer Practitioner e-book to explore the psychology of different TYPES of perpetrators, historical sociological themes, trauma and and how we all might understand and assist our society. This film with accompanying 2 e-books is likely to be beneficial to a broad range of people – anyone who has been touched; and let’s face it, who hasn’t been?

There is a message of hope amidst despair, as we learn how to begin going about addressing this horror in our society. Whatever we’ve been doing, it isn’t working – we hope to contribute additional insight and skill building.

we are reminded that victims are not alone, are not stupid, and practical and psychological help is increasingly available.

My psychologist/short docco maker partner Brian Walsh has created a Trilogy for men free on his website. ‘MEN & CRYING’, and ‘MEN & ANGER’, ‘MEN & LOVE’. Go to

Brian interviewed over 80 men, including professionals such as Patrick McGorry and Warrick Brewer, musicians, artists, tradies, and men aged 14 to 80. We learn how vital it is for men to find the way to translate feeling into words so that meaningful talk can occur. Brian’s next documentary will be exploring ‘ADDICTION’