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For people wondering about a play on suicide

By Meredith Fuller as both a psychologist and theatre maker. Attended Opening Night of MAROONED – the play about suicide, written & directed by Michael Gray Griffith, produced by Rohana Hayes. See my TAGG.COM.AU Theatre Review. 18 – 28 September 2019, At MTC’s Lawler Theatre. This poignant edutainment helps us understand the complexity of what ails our…

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The Age article: At home among the waifs

“There could be up to 17 prone people on any night, safely wedged between chaotic artifacts, cobwebs and furniture.” “Matter-of-fact-mother was undaunted by the personal risk of sheltering migrant women from vengeful men.”

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Dealing with mean girls — and boys — in the workplace

By Fox News Though most mean girls and tough boys of middle and high school grow out of their sophomoric behaviors, some cling to them well beyond college and into adulthood. That means you may encounter this behavior in the workplace. Author Meredith Fuller, a psychologist in Australia, interviewed over 200 women about mean girls…

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‘Growing up, my mother was a chronic hoarder’ | life & love | real lifeby Erin O’Dwyer Erin O’Dwyer looks into the secretive and disturbed world of the hoarder, through the eyes of a child. Meredith Fuller celebrates her 19th birthday with her mother, Judith. Photo: Courtesy of Meredith Fuller Psychologist Meredith Fuller grew up in a hoarded house. Her mother Judith was…

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