Business Consulting

Creative Collaboration & Consulting

I consult to organisations & groups, and may work with my colleagues (or refer on) for specialist workshops, seminars and projects

Services include:

  • Enabling individuals and groups to flourish in corporate, creative, professional, and personal environments
  • Problem identification and resolution incorporating unconscious processes (therapeutic interventions at an organisational level). Using and creating DVDs, movies, music, literature, writing and theatre performance as part of the process
  • Conducting conversations and group work in the understanding and exploration of self-expression and interpersonal mastery
  • Scriptwriting and direction of psychological organisation narratives or vignettes for FILM, presentations for conferences/entertainment/creative purposes
  • Unique projects which draw on over 40 years as consulting to universities, corporate, the arts, and NFP, designer & implementer of comprehensive professional development programs for public and private sector organisations
  • Professional development courses are specifically designed to be driven by client needs. Service delivery is organic, flexible and responsive to emergent needs. My approach translates theory into practice through application, drawing upon individual and group skills and processes. Programs are structured to ensure evaluation from individual as well as organisational perspectives

with - colleagues for - workshops, films, videos, seminars, projects

  • Searching for creative collaborators, consultants | trainers | mentors?
  • Looking for help with Theatre and Creative Arts projects? (including production, direction, and venue hire) Showreels, Photos/Graphic design, Workshops and Training Courses?

Human Current (our electric consulting team)

Meredith Fuller and a panoply of talented associates including:

Brian Walsh Kailash Studios

Psychotherapist & film maker | 0427 865 881

Theatre | acting associates for various projects, performances, production, direction, workshops, consulting roles, and referral

Nigel Rawlins Wisepreneurs

Marketer and over 50’s business generator

Nigel Rawlins Wisepreneurs

Marketer and over 50’s business generator

Rod Winning and Lesley Coleman

MysticalDog Productions

Bespoke training and corporate videos, website and social media video materials

Rod and Lesley bring decades of business, consulting (including Neuroleadership and Coaching), acting and film making experience to create video materials with a practical, nuanced edge

Kate Watson

Couples & relationship therapist |
0438 241 187

Kate Watson

Couples & relationship therapist |
0438 241 187

Mark Toner AM & Gunilla Burrows


training & development for equality & equity

Amanda Reeves Manderey

Professional admin services
(& exec p.a. to Meredith Fuller and Brian Walsh PL)

Amanda Reeves Manderey

Professional admin services
(& exec p.a. to Meredith Fuller and Brian Walsh PL)

We put together a quirky group… a fluid combination or referral depending on the assignment or project.

We can accompany you by consulting or advising, or collaborating.

Who is it for?

If you answer YES to these questions, a Human Current Project is for you.

  • 1 Life-age changes? Don’t know how to career create, work for self, consult, sustain part time portfolio lifestyle?
  • 2 Are you lost? Is your group lost?
  • 3 Has a recent event or experience confused or troubled you? Are you ‘stuck’, unable to hold on or let go?
  • 4 Are you a wise-preneur who wants to build a business that acknowledges and adapts to Societal & Digital disruptions and embraces work as residing within us, not in a place we must go to?
  • 5 Want some assistance with a creative project?

We will help you:

  • understand possibilities in career; intra & interpersonal relationships
  • design your work creation and collaboration with trusted colleagues
  • design your digital and marketing strategy, including your web as your hub and social media for engagement
  • develop your presence in order to connect with the work that people are prepared to pay you for
  • develop your project | small business | consultancy | promote your creative babies
  • do something to accompany you to ensure you don’t stay parched and ossify

We help people comprehend the new way of working. New work is beginning to reside within us as we move and bump into other people for ‘moments’ – not in a role we execute for an organisation undertaken in a specific place. Workspace is flexible – in the ether we innovate and create a sustainable lifestyle. Our combined foresight and diversity of expertise informs our recognition and application of agile counselling and consulting.

With a robust complex 'knowing' of Group and Vocational Behaviour; Psychological Career Creation; Artistic Expression; People and the Digital World we can help you integrate holistic communication & relationships for real, functional impact. When we understand what’s possible in the digital world, and likely future patterns and trajectories, we can seamlessly blend this with the physical world and the innate human desire to connect and collaborate with other real people.

This new consciousness creates sustaining community, refining the best of our humanity in concert with the best of our technology, enhancing our felt experience and the exhilaration of co-designing our new world bravely, without paralysis or terror, or ‘retirement’. We can embrace the new learning and maintain our ethics, dignity, and engagement with the best that the morphing of person & digital brings rather than promulgate a divide between older and younger people, or humiliating the late adopters fearing a struggle with the paradigm shifts.

Work is fluid movement as it now resides within us and our bodies, not in a place or entity such as a building or business name. As people and the land (earth and water) are one, so are people and the elements of digital (air & fire). The quaternity of the mandala! Combining Careers & Creativity expertise, Technology & People provides us with an opportunity to connect with people, build deeper relationships, actively listen, participate, co-create and collaborate.

In addition to individuals, our clients include:

  • Universities
  • Professional associations who wanted help with understanding and using social media
  • Banking and Finance groups
  • Legal firms
  • Welfare
  • Arts
  • Not-for-profit
  • Creative Arts


To us, success means human fulfilment of both work and love – vocational and personal satisfaction. Being the best you can be, and working the best you can work while living with the unknowable, and being rewarded by enough purpose, achievement, self expression, and remuneration.

The world of Work is becoming what resonates with your true self and resides within you. We’re peripatetic and no longer defined by a place or a job title

“Don’t waste what you know, don’t waste what you feel.”

Nikki Giovanni

Contact Meredith for appropriate discussion & referrals.