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        Meredith Fuller OAM Psychologist & Author

In 2022, awarded the Order of Australia


GENDER MATTERS:  With Mark Toner & Gunilla Burrows, we offer training & development in GENDER DIVERSITY & INCLUSION and equity for LGBTQ+

We have extensive professional and personal experience in this area. We have presented at international conferences.

Workshops on Inclusion & Equity

RECENT PODCAST  of my radio interview with James WF Roberts  JOY FM on 'Understanding Family Violence' & my research.

HOME TRUTHS multi award-winning family violence free film by Mystical DOG Productions, co-prodrs Lesley Coleman & Rod Winning, Assoc Prodr Meredith Fuller and author of the accompanying e-pamphlets & e-book. Go to

Extending the film with psychological exploration, research, and survival stories: View or download Meredith Fuller's free practitioner 150 page e-book 'Understanding Family Violence'  click  here

e-book cover

 e-book includes short video interviews   embedded with Ray Mooney, Peter Quarry, Dr Jema Stellato-Pledger, Hazel Edwards, Richie Milne, Katerina Volny, Phil & Chris Kerr + more. When reading e-book, click on the Photo/Video Descriptor to take you to each video, then hit command/Q to return to reading e-book

Extending my e-book are video interviews to demonstrate the TYPES below; caution - swearing and demonstration of anger 

3 Types of Murderer VIDEO demonstrates simple categories for non-psychologists

A. Coercive Controlling Psychopath (most common. Over-involved with partner)

B. Detached Container (Non-involved with partner, terror of responsibility for anyone or anything; fears annihilation if 'invaded' : can lead to murder when stress overwhelms.

C. Cluster (anyone can kill, inc. physical & mental illness, addictions etc.) Under-involved with partner. Under great stress or substance abuse, or non-compliance with medication.

3 Types of Murderer

20 min video - click here

Next 20 min video compares THEN & NOW for 3 children experiencing violence: the 1950s and the 2000s. CORE MESSAGE Child needs at least one adult as support (parent, relative, teacher, helper etc), access to counselling/therapy, and education/resources. Simultaneous 3 pronged approach of Remedial, Educative, and Preventative Strategies are recommended to eradicate Family Violence

Family Violence: Impact on Children

20 min video - click here


At Film Launch with Josh Burns MP, John Gosling AM, actor Ruby Vadiveloo, Mayor

  Cast Cast & Crew Home Truths
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'Men & Love'


My partner in love & work, Brian Walsh, psychologist, is currently researching his new film project on ADDICTION

His earlier 'MEN & LOVE'  won 3 international awards.  Go to to see Brian Walsh's MEN TRILOGY with e-books, and other documentaries.

You are welcome to contact my husband direct via his email [email protected]

Mike Brady, Gary Wall, Paul Fergus Morris & Jacob Pugh with many other men

Mt Kailash

Brian's documentaries have aired on Channel 31 (44)

Enjoy our short films on YouTube via 'click here' messages or hitting YouTube button on this page footer


FILMS to Watch

  • 3 Types of Murderers (Understanding Family Violence)

  • Family Violence Impact on Children (Understanding Family Violence)

  • 'Conjugated Stalking' by Meredith Fuller, a 30 minute film of a mystery play features a client, psychologist and supervisor - who is the stalker?

  • 'How your Family of Origin Tree influences who you fall in love with'  by Meredith Fuller & Brian Walsh,  Let's explore our unconscious attractions and theory into practice

  • Triple award winning 'Men & Love' by Brian Walsh

My Psychology Practice

Counselling, Vocational Psychotherapy, Career & life transitions, Mentoring

Significant experience over 40 years with individuals & groups, professionals in positions of leadership, mental health & welfare practitioners, lawyers, corporate executives, and academics as well as creatives, specialists, consultants, media practitioners, and inventors.

My Media Practice

  • Radio interviews and talkback
  • Quotes for journalists / social media on psychologically related topics
  • Reviewer of films, theatre productions, books, and events
  • Speaker and workshop facilitator for conferences and events

My film & Theatre work

  • Writer, director, producer
  • Psychological adviser
  • gatherings, workshops, meetings
  • Film studio for Brian Walsh
  • Documentaries and short films with Brian Walsh, and Mystical Dog
  • Venue for hire (seating up to 40 patrons)




427 Glen Eira Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161, Australia


0400 175 524

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